Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Came!

This year we had a really nice Christmas. It's our 3rd married Christmas this year! (and our 4th all together) We went over and spent Christmas Eve with my family. We ate lots of food and stayed up really late. It was nice to get together with all of my aunts and uncles and of course hundreds of cousins (yes, I'm Hispanic lol). After a late night of partying, we went home to sleep and woke up to a beautiful Christmas morning. Growing up I never had a stocking let alone know what to put in it. So I (I mean Santa) filled it with a bunch of random things; toothbrush, gum, power bars, Active socks, candy... I pretty much got the same in mine. Just a LOT of chocolates, cookies, even a little stuffed dog and a scarf.

Time to open presents! Chris' gift this year was Lasik Eye Surgery. He got the procedure done about a month earlier. I wrapped up pictures of that day and gave it to him just so he wouldn't forget what his gift was. hahaha. He wasn't expecting anything else, but he had been such a good boy that he definitely deserved more. I got him this really "awesome" RVCA zip up jacket and a pair of black Chuck Converse. Santa brought me 2 DIAMOND RINGS. Yes! My wedding ring is complete! Chris got me a ring to go on each side of my engagement ring which was a huge surprise since I was only expecting one. He also gave me a Build-A-Bear Marine bear! That was so thoughtful of him.

There was more family fun at the Seymore's. We drove over to there house around 11 am and exchanged more gifts. It was so nice to see everyone's expression and just so nice spending time with all of them. Shelley fixed a great meal, she always does. We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls, and yams. It was delicious! For dessert, every pie you could think of! Yeah there was a bit of a SWEETS overload. After we ate the boys went upstairs for an 'Ultimate Ping-Pong Championship' (UPC). They take this game way too seriously, they even have a heavy weight belt and right now Curt is the undefeated champ. Courtney, Arin, and I just went around the block for a bike ride. Well Courtney was on the skateboard but props to her. I can jump out of a plane but I'm too scared to ride a skateboard 'cause I might fall and scrape myself.

Fortunately for us, my family celebrates on Christmas Eve and Chris' family gets together on Christmas day. We never have the dilemma of who's family are we going to visit this Christmas. (We do have to split Thanksgiving day though) I am so grateful for both of our families. We are blessed to have very loving and caring families that are laid back and definitely not pushy or controlling. I couldn't ask for better in-laws.

We received the greatest blessing on the morning of Christmas Eve. This is one year we will always treasure.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Half Way Over the Hill

On his birthday I cooked him a "brute" breakfast...4 eggs, lots of bacon, 3 pancakes, but I forgot the steak (who eats steak in the morning right?!)
Then in the evening Jeffry joined us for some steak fajitas (Chris' favorite food) and movie watching.

Here's Chris at the fam's opening more gifts!

Chris turned 26 today! I surprised him by taking him skydiving a few weeks earlier. (He took me bungee jumping for my birthday so I had to top that!) It was sooo much fun!
There really are no words to describe it,,you're just falling out of the sky!
My baby loves anything adventurous ...and life threatening, so of course he loved jumping out of a plain!
His next adventure: Base Jumping

Monday, November 2, 2009

You're My Hair Stylist?!

Yes, on Halloween there were a few fortunate people who had the privilege of having
Kat Von D (me) be their hair stylist!
It was so much fun dressing up at work. There was a great variety of stylist from a vampire to Garth from Wayne's World and even a skunk! hahaha Yeah I wish I had a picture of all of them!

After work, Chris and I passed out candy to some kids... and teenagers without a costumes, babies that can't even eat solid foods yet, and even grown a** adults!
After that great experience, we drove out to Nathan (sailor) and Amber's (his 40's nurse) house. Enjoyed some pizza and root-beer and made plans to go to Peru next summer.
Over all, it was a fun Halloween and I can't wait to dress up next year! (I already know what I want to be)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Haunted House

We are very proud of our pumpkin "Jack" that we worked so hard to create

I let Chris do all the hard work..

(It looks spookier in the dark)

Last halloween Nicole and I threw a halloween party and so I had a little more to decorate my house with this year. But the glass filled with candy corn is now empty!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yeah, we got a little carried away...

We are crazy in love!
I was really just bored at home playing with my make-up while Chris was at the Priesthood session of conference with his dad and brothers. He finally came home I smothered him with my love!! Red seems to suite him nicely.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The 2 Baldies...

I just thought this was such a cute picture of Chris with our niece Olivia. Chris is so good with kids, I just can't wait for us to have little munchkins of our own! For those of you who are wondering (and keep asking), we might start trying to have a mini me/him in maybe a year. (as much as I am dying to have one now!) But of course everything is still in the air... We are definitely just enjoying our time together now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Maligayang Pagdating!

((Welcome Home))
Elder Seymore (#3) has finally returned from serving in the Baguio, Philippines mission. We are all so exited to have our goofy Jeffry back! As you can see, we definitely made a scene at the LAX airport where we picked him up. We had posters, pins & sticks with his face on them, and of course our beautifully recycled t-shirts that have Chris & Gary's name crossed out on them. At first we had a hard time finding Jeffry, then we realized he was hiding from us! He finally walked up to us and said, "You guys are embarrassing." Well duh Jeffry, what did you expect?! Haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating in Baja!

The 15th is our 2 year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to go on a cruise to Ensenada! It was definitely a very relaxing get away. We laid out in the sun, soaked in the jacuzzi, and ate like there was no tomorrow! Most importantly, I enjoyed being there with the love of my life. These 2 years have gone by so quickly and everyday I fall deeper and deeper in love with Chris. I am so lucky that he is mine and I look forward to spending forever together.

The view was beautiful!

I have a coconut friend!

This is "La Bufadora" it is the largest blow hole in the world. When it shot up it got me soaking wet!

We walked around the flea market for a while bargaining with all the Mexican merchants. They are sly, but we know better. Chris got this marble chess set, they asked for $45, Chris talked them down to $20! Then she asked for her tip. hahaha

I even got my hair braided!

When we drove through the city we saw a "Zonkey" Its a donkey painted as a zebra! haha

We got a little frisky at the 'Habana Banana' but they kept offering us free margaritas so we couldn't help ourselves!

I'm trying to convince Chris to grow dreads! He looks so good with them!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Officer Candidate School

Chris spent a rigorous 10 weeks in Quantico, Virginia training to be an Officer in the Marine Corps. I'm so proud of my marine! I flew out to Virginia to be there for his graduation ceremony August 8th. Chris has 1 more year at CBU until he graduates with his bachelors... then it's off to Virginia where we will be living for 6 months to continue his training. These are some pictures of his training course and his graduation. (Doesn't he look so cute?!)

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