Saturday, November 14, 2009

Half Way Over the Hill

On his birthday I cooked him a "brute" breakfast...4 eggs, lots of bacon, 3 pancakes, but I forgot the steak (who eats steak in the morning right?!)
Then in the evening Jeffry joined us for some steak fajitas (Chris' favorite food) and movie watching.

Here's Chris at the fam's opening more gifts!

Chris turned 26 today! I surprised him by taking him skydiving a few weeks earlier. (He took me bungee jumping for my birthday so I had to top that!) It was sooo much fun!
There really are no words to describe it,,you're just falling out of the sky!
My baby loves anything adventurous ...and life threatening, so of course he loved jumping out of a plain!
His next adventure: Base Jumping

Monday, November 2, 2009

You're My Hair Stylist?!

Yes, on Halloween there were a few fortunate people who had the privilege of having
Kat Von D (me) be their hair stylist!
It was so much fun dressing up at work. There was a great variety of stylist from a vampire to Garth from Wayne's World and even a skunk! hahaha Yeah I wish I had a picture of all of them!

After work, Chris and I passed out candy to some kids... and teenagers without a costumes, babies that can't even eat solid foods yet, and even grown a** adults!
After that great experience, we drove out to Nathan (sailor) and Amber's (his 40's nurse) house. Enjoyed some pizza and root-beer and made plans to go to Peru next summer.
Over all, it was a fun Halloween and I can't wait to dress up next year! (I already know what I want to be)

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