Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Lil Sis is All Grown Up

This is my little sis all grown up.
Me, Mommy, Jed (the boy friend), Andi, & Daddy
(oh, and there's a side view of Lincoln)
Dinner with the fam!
A few of my cousins where able to join us for her graduation.
(Dad, friend, Gaby, Greg, Ashley, Emma, Roger, Andi, Jed, Mom)
Here's the opposite view
Andi is now 18 and graduated from high school. It's so crazy to think that my baby sister is all grown up. We went to go see her grad ceremony then went out to dinner at the Market Broiler. (one of her favorite restaurants) She was going to go to school out in Seattle, but she changed her mind and is going to stay local for a while.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Camping out in Havasu

Another adventure! Last week Chris and I went camping in Havasu with a few friends. (Nathan, Amber & Garrett, Kerra) It was a surprisingly pleasant 4 days, with nice clean bathrooms and showers! I had such a fun time, even though I was 6 months pregnant! The weather was perfect. The water was so clear and actually pretty warm...I'm missing it already. Thanks to Nathan, we had a nice boat ride (for about a day) that was a lot of fun.

We went on a nice little hike to find a cliff for the guys to jump off of. It looked like so much fun, I wish I could have joined them, but jumping off a cliff while pregnant didn't seem like such a good idea.

And talk about gourmet food while camping! Amber prepared the best food! That's one other thing I miss about camping. Kerra brought this watermelon that I was devouring!

There were some cute animals around us. I even saw the cutest, tiniest baby rabbit. Nathan caught this duck, then we ate it for dinner!
(ok, we really didn't eat the duck)

The view from the cliff was gorgeous! ...and the view of my belly of course.

This shot was taken right as they were jumping. A few years back, I went to the river with some friends and jumped off a cliff 5x the size of this one (at least!)...and i broke my tailbone! but I'm still willing to jump off again.

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