Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lincoln's Nursery

I have had such a fun time decorating Lincoln's room! I had a hard time figuring out what kind of theme I wanted his nursery to have. I definitely wanted something a little different with no pastels. I finally decided on bright green and blue with brown and a little white accents. Once I got started I couldn't stop. I'm pretty proud with how it turned out. Just one thing missing now, and that's my little Lincoln!
Chris gave me this rocking chair for my first Mother's Day. It means so much to me that he thought about that and I look forward to using it with all of our future children.
The pillow on the chair was pretty much my inspiration for the whole room. I even made the art work above it that I think matches perfectly.
I love Target! I found these great baskets that are under the changing table. I got the book shelf and curtains there too.
For the longest time I could not figure out what to put over the shelves. I finally came across these cork boards! Now, what to put on them?

So many people helped Lincoln start his library with all of these great books.
Of course we have to have Lincoln's name somewhere in his room!
and it wouldn't be complete with out a picture of Christ. I found this picture in an old calendar. I love it.
So here is one idea I had to put on the cork boards, but I'm still playing around with different options. I think I might just get some cute push pins and post some pictures and quotes and whatever else I can find.

Putting his room together has really been a great experience. It makes things so much more real. I just can't wait for Lincoln to enjoy it too!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mommy's Little Monster

My baby shower theme was "Mommy's Little Monster" and I love that it's definitely not your average baby shower! I have such great friends and family that helped out so much. Thanks to everyone who helped; Mommy, Andi, Nicole, Courtney, Shelly, Mary, and Gina!
I can't wait for my little monster to get here!
Aren't these invites cute!
We had a yummy monster cake too.
Treats table!
These were the gift boxes that we put the gift card prizes in!
 Guess how many gum balls?
Our little monsters!
These lollipops were the party favors...and they were delish!

Friday, July 2, 2010

He's Growing Fast

2 more months to go! I can't wait to have my little baby here. My little one seems to be going through his growth spert! My belly is starting to reach it's maximum stretching potential. My stomach is so tight now it's starting to hurt. Ok so the 1st trimester, a little nausia and sleepiness. 2nd trimester, more energy and feeling great. 3rd trimester, GET THIS BABY OUT! The only thing I seem to be enjoying right now is feeling how active he is. He seems to be getting the hiccups pretty often and is moving around A LOT. I love it. (Even though he sometimes throws some pretty hard hits) He also seems to be using my bladder as a trampoline. Ok so time to vent... Now that I'm 8 months pregnant, it's really starting to take a tole on me. I am so exausted, my feet hurt, my back is killing me, I'm always tired and out of breath, I found TWO stretch marks, I can't sleep at night, and i can't even shave my legs!
Besides that, I'm maddly in love with my little baby. I can't wait to hold him!
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