Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Addam's Family

I always have so much fun with halloween. This year we decided to be the Addam's family. Chris was Gomez, I was Morticia, and Lincoln was Pubert! It was very last minute but we managed to pull it off!

Lincoln had his first Halloween party! It was really fun dressing him up and seeing him lay around with all his baby friends. haha. These were most of the babies and there were a ton of kids! It was fun getting together with some friends and watching their kids run wild. Can't wait 'til Lincoln can actually enjoy it as much as I did.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lincoln's Special Day

Lincoln was blessed on 10.10.10. It was such a special day. He was blessed with health, strength, moral clarity, intelligence, understanding, and open mindedness. After church we had a great dinner at my house that my mom and sister so kindly prepared. Our home was filled with people we love and that love our little Lincoln.
(His grandma Seymore made his cute little suit!)

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