Thursday, March 31, 2011

the Latest on Lincoln {6 months}

Lincoln's 6 month Well Baby visit
weight - 19 lbs. 8 oz. (63%)
height - 28.4 inches long (90%)

My baby has been reaching so many milestones this month!

>> March 3rd - first day eating solids
>> March 6th - his first tooth came in (bottom right)
>> March 11th - first time drinking from a sippy cup
>> March 17th - officially crawling on hands in knees
>> March 23rd - first time I noticed him passing objects from hand to hand
>> March 28th - pulled him self up onto his feet
>> March 30th - second tooth came in (bottom left)

He is such a strong little guy and extremely active. Now that he's crawling he's always pulling things off the shelves and putting everything he finds in his mouth. He is so fast! I thought putting covers on the outlets was enough but it looks like I need to do a better job of baby proofing my house. For the longest time he would get up on all fours and rock back and forth. It was so funny to watch. Since he was five months old he would do the "stomach crawl" where he'd get up on all fours, then dive forward, then get up again. It was hilarious to watch! Now he's climbing all over the place, it's hard to keep up with him. He is still drinking about 4-5 ounces of milk about every 3 hours. He's wearing 9-12 month old clothes already. He's getting better at mimicking words, just today he said Mama! and he loves his dad! The second Chris walks in the door or even hears his voice, he's all smiles. It really is amazing watching him develop and learn new things. I love my little guy so much! One thing that continues to be a challenge for me is not getting any sleep at night. He usually wakes up between 3 and 5 times a night just to eat. No one else can calm him or put him to sleep, only me! As much as I do love spending every second with him, I have to admit it gets exhausting some times. (It's actually happening right now! Chris is holding him but he's crying hysterically reaching for me to hold him.... Okay I'm back...) I've been having to wear him in the sling around the house just so that I can get somethings done. I'm hopeful that my nights will get better... (with a new baby on the way?! Ha! Who am I kidding!) I guess I'm just going to have to accept it for now. Ha ha!

Some of this month's little moments caught on film:

His first time trying rice cereal.

He was so tired in this picture. I just thought it was so cute.

Ready for a night out.

Being silly.

Trying out his new sippy cup.

The first time he pulled him self onto his feet... now he does it all the time.

He likes his little toy dog

Can you see that scratch on his cheek? That's the result of pulling off the spring door stop off the wall. He's already pulled off two of them!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Last night I had a dream that I gave birth to 5 babies! I was so glad this was a dream, even though labor and delivery in a dream is much easier than in real life. Then I remembered that this dream was almost a reality for me!
The first prenatal care appointment we went to was on January 3rd. Chris and Lincoln were both in the room when the Mid-Wife was doing the ultrasound. She wasn't saying much, just looked at the monitor for a while. Every now and then she would let out a "hmmm" or "uhhh". She finally asked, "do twins run in your family?" Chris and I quickly looked at each other and I started laughing, I was so shocked I didn't know what else to do. (Keep in mind I'm still trying to adapt to the idea that we're even going to have another baby this soon). The Mid-Wife left the room to get a doctor. Chris was freaking out more than I was. I was starting to think that it could be a good thing because I would be getting it over with and be done with having kids in one shot. (I guess it would technically be in two shots). SO many thoughts were going through our minds in just these few minutes while we were waiting. The doctor comes in and is staring at the monitor for a while. She finally says "there's four!" Then she asked if I was on any fertility medications because this is very rare to be happening. They kept inspecting the four sacks on the monitor. They said that it looks like these four eggs all got fertilized but they only saw one that was definitely developed into a fetus. I was to come back in about two weeks and in the mean time there were three possibilities that could happen: 
-The other eggs could also be developing so there would be more than one baby.
-The undeveloped sacks would resolve and there would just be the one baby. 
-My body would flush out the extra sacks and I could miscarry altogether.
We left the hospital more confused than ever. I tried not to think about it for those two weeks. It felt like the longest two weeks ever!
This is the clearest picture we got with all four sacks.
We had two more ultrasounds done and everything looks great. There is only one baby and it seems to be growing strong and healthy.

Pregnancy update:
I started feeling movement around week 15 and at 17 weeks it was a lot more noticeable.
We find out the baby's gender on April 6th. I'm really thinking like its a girl... This pregnancy has been so different from the first. I have sweets cravings all day long, I constantly have migraines, I've been getting some blemishes, and I haven't thrown up at all with this one like I did with the first.
We'll see... 12 more days!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birth "Season"

Birthdays are so over rated! ha ha ha! Anyone who knows me, knows the whole month of March is dedicated to ME! ha ha. It's really just an excuse to buy myself lots of things and get my way with Chris. (wow I sound like a total brat!) Everyone deserves to get a little spoiled some times right... To tell you the truth, I don't really ask for much. It's just fun to throw out there that it's my birthMONTH! Ha ha ha.

 My mom, sister, grandma, and grandpa had prepared my favorite cake for me; Chocolate with raspberry filling! Ugh I want some right now!

We went out for dinner another night and Chris got me some new white Chucks!

I took a MAC Pro class on bridal make-up given by the very talented Christopher Del Castillo. It was great and the best part was I got $100 worth of make-up! I am seriously addicted.

I always told strangers I was at least a year older than I actually am just because I didn't feel like being judged for getting married at 19. Being 23 still sounds young for being married,  having a baby, and being pregnant but I like to just consider myself a head of the game. ha ha

Sunday, March 20, 2011

more clips of my Linc-a-dink

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