Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth

Yesterday was Lincoln's first trip to Disneyland! He was having so much fun, he just wouldn't stop screaming from excitement. Fortunately for us, a friend that works there was able to get us into both parks for free, rather than pay the $100 each person! (Thanks Connie!) We definitely needed a little vacation away from our busy lives. I really enjoyed spending time with my two favorite boys.

Here are some fun pictures we took:

Mommy and Lincoln getting splashed by the big fountain

Having a blast watching the fountain water burst

on top of the world!
High five random hand!


"The Circle of Life"

My happy little pirate baby

Lincoln didn't seem to like the first ride very much. He made such a serious face and tensed up.

but he did enjoy the caterpillar ride, he was so curious to see everything.

My cutie babbling away!

okay, he wasn't very into the Ants ride either

Your trip to Disneyland isn't complete until you've got a pair of Mickey Mouse ears!

Lincoln's rocking the '2011' party ears

I've got my 'Minnie' ears

Even [baby girl] got to wear 'princess' ears

As for Chris... well he just promised to grow his hair like this!

Monday, May 23, 2011

She's Almost Here!

I can not believe I am already in the third trimester! It really has gone by so fast for me. (but I guess that's expected when I already have a baby to keep me busy!) I can't complain much about the first two trimesters. I just had a few bad headaches in the beginning and a couple vomiting experiences, but I definitely noticed once I entered my third trimester. All of a sudden I was extremely tired, and dizzy, and always out of breath. Now that Lincoln is crawling around and getting into EVERYTHING it makes things much harder. It's crazy to think soon I'm going to have two babies around!
Besides some anxiety, I'm mostly really excited to have another. I remember after giving birth to Lincoln I said I never wanted to go through that again and I swore I would never forget how painful it was... Well I guess I did forget. It might sound odd, but I'm actually looking forward to giving birth again. I just remember it being a beautiful experience meeting my baby for the first time, and I know what to expect so I feel more prepared, like I'll get the job done faster! ha ha! I'm also excited to have a newborn again, which I wasn't expecting to look forward to considering I just had a newborn a few months ago! Interesting how things work out that way. I really think that's Heavenly Father's way of preparing me. I'm excited for Lincoln to have a little playmate - I can already imagine them together. And of course, I'm really excited about having a GIRL! 
I'm trying to enjoy ever single second I have with my little Lincoln. They're only babies for such a short amount of time. It's amazing how fast they grow up.

Let's compare belly shots...
almost 7 months with [baby girl]
 6.5 months pregnant with Lincoln

Well one things the same... I still like my floral tops!

I am having such a hard time finding a name for her!! I always had names picked out for my kids when I was younger (like I'm sure most girls do), but now that it's for real I can't come up with anything. In middle school we read and watched a book called The Outsiders and I loved it so much.
 Especially Soda Pop, one of the characters I had a crush on. So... I was going to name my son Soda Pop and my daughter Lolly Pop! And then I thought it would be awesome to have triplet girls and name them Lolly, Lilly, and Laily! HA HA HA! I guess it's a good thing I'm not having triplets!
Another name I liked for a while was Victoria... I always wanted my girls to have a very feminine and strong name... but I'm not feeling it so much any more. Now with having Lincoln, we could easily stick with a presidential theme for the rest of our kids. I just don't want to be limited and I don't want any cheesy themes, plus Lincoln was such a great president that I'd hate to name another child after a so-so one. I'm not really a fan of miss spelled names or something completely made up either. I can't believe I'm having such a hard time finding a name!
We do however, have ONE name in mind and I doubt it's anything you would guess... but I don't think I'm ready to share it yet, I'm just not ready to hear people's opinion on it. Once I'm in love with it then I'll share it with all of you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My 1st Mother's Day

This year was my first official Mother's Day! Chris was so sweet and  brought me breakfast in bed with a lovely card [tears] and a gift for a day at the spa - my favorite! It was such a great day. After church we went over to my grandma's house to see my aunts and uncles and cousins. I always enjoy getting together with them - I couldn't ask for a better family! After dinner with them we went over to visit with Chris' family where we always have a fun time! We're so blessed to have both families so close to us.

This day made me really want to be the best mom I could possibly be. Some times I get so over whelmed with all the responsibilities of being a mom that I forget to enjoy all the blessings that come with it. I know I have a lot of growing to do spiritually and emotionally and as a wife and mother. I need to make time for myself (just 20 minutes a day) to ponder and work towards being a better person. My next step is to set some goals for myself to work towards.

It really is an amazing gift being a mom. I have such a wonderful mother to look up to, I hope to one day be like her. She is the kindest, sweetest, most caring person I know! She's always thinking of others and how she can help them. I've never heard her gossip or talk badly about anyone. She is always so happy and positive, even when times are hard for her, and she's always so fun and energetic! I don't know how she does it!  If I could just be half the person she is, I'd be the a great person too! I swear she has to have a free ticket to heaven! I love my mommy so much!

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