Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Trip to the Capital

We drove out to DC on Friday the day after Thanksgiving. It was such a perfect day! Except for the fact that it was the day after thanksgiving and it was overflowing with more people than usual! There was a lot of walking involved, but it was so much fun seeing eveything. We live so close to DC that we'll just have to make another trip out there. I won't write too much since I posted a bunch of pictures, so I'll let the pictures tell the story! Enjoy!
The kiddos are bundled up, snacking, and smiling... we're ready to go!

Of course we needed some munchies of our own.

and it sure was yummy!

There are so many beautiful buildings in DC. This one is made of all brick!

My cuties enjoying the day!

I'm touching the Washington Monument!

It is so huge! Look at the very, very bottom...'s Chris and Lincoln!

It was hard keeping up with this little guy!

Always curious to touch (and taste) everything!

On our way to the botanical garden.

This was inside the green house. There were so many beautiful plants and a huge Christmas tree too!

There was even a pond in there.

We can see the Capital Building through the garden!

It was so cool to see it in person.

Aren't the skies gorgeous!? My boys are too!

Where there's water...

...there's Lincoln!


That's my Marine!

World War II Memorial

With my babies. They're starting to get tired.

This was such a neat monument. There were quotes engraved all over the walls and there was a statue for each state.

Huge eagles

I had to find California's!

My heart will always be in Cali
We bumped into Captain Plascencia on our way to the Lincoln Memorial

He is the one that swore Chris in as a Second Lieutenant

That's the building that holds President Lincoln's statue

But first, Lincoln has to play with the chain rails

We climbed all those steps!

At the top with my pretty little girl.
We had to have a picture of our little Lincoln with Abraham Lincoln!

Super crowded

but we still managed to get a good family picture

President Abraham Lincoln

The Gettysburg Address

There's a giant penny!

Look at all these Lincolns!

But my Lincoln had had enough and he was ready for his nap.

On our way back we found a squierl that was just chillin' on the fence!

The Korean War Memorial

Lots and lots of walking

It was a fun filled day. Our babies are ready for bed and so am I!
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Thanksgiving 2700 Miles Away!

Thanksgiving 2011
     I always wondered why restaurants were opened on Thanksgiving, then I realized it was for people like us... We had been living on the East Coast, far from family and friends, for less than a month. With no plans for Thanksgiving, we thought it would be an opportunity to go out to a restaurant with our little family of four. Fortunately for us, we have some very kind people at our church that invited us over for dinner! There were a few other families there in the same situation. It turned out being a great, loving evening with our new friends and their families.

Can you find little Ella?!
Lincoln got his own little table!
Round 1 of our yummy dinner!
Our "Thankful For..." tree. Everyone wrote some thing they were thankful for on a leaf and stuck it to the tree.

Here's my leaf!

Lincoln kept playing tug-of-war with their dog!

Lincoln and Daddy!

     My night got even better when I received a video from my whole family at my Grandma's house where we celebrate every holiday. It brought tears to my eyes seeing everyone again and how thoughtful it was of them to think of us and send us a "We miss and love you" video. I loved seeing their faces and hearing their voice again.
     I am so thankful  for my wonderful family, miles away. I'm thankful for my amazing husband and perfect children. I'm thankful for our health, our home, our means. I'm thankful for all the great new people I have met that have made moving to an unknown place much easier. I'm so thankful to have the gospel in my life, without it I would be lost. Life is good, and it keeps getting better!

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