Tuesday, August 28, 2012

when the house is quiet...


the Latest on Ella {12 months}

Ella's 12 month Well Baby visit
height - 28 inches tall (15%)
weight - 16 pounds 4 ounces ( < 3%)
Today we went in for the usual one year check up. Ella has always been so easy to take to the doctor's even with all the vaccines they give her. I'm trying not to worry too much, but... the doctor said that she had a little heart murmur. I guess that can be pretty common in babys and Chris said he even had one when he was young that just went away on it's own. She also said she was still worried about her anemia and her growth pattern. Ella's weight and height levels have slowed down quiet a bit. She definitely is a petite little girl, but my mom's side and Chris' mom's side of the family are both pretty small, so I'm trying not to worry too much yet. We do have to take Ella in to the lab to have some more blood work done just to see how her iron levels are and to see if there might be a thyroid problem. Besides all that, our little Ella is growing smarter each day!*
*UPDATE - good news:  Ella's test results came back normal! YAY! So, I'm sure genetics is playing a large part in her being so tiny. not so good news:  Her iron levels are extremely low even with me giving her an iron supplement everyday. (the doctor said that can also be a reason for her heart murmur and low growth rate.) She's being put on a much higher dosage of iron and she has to drink 1-2 cans of Pediasure a day, then we're back to the doctors again to see if her weight and iron levels have improved. 
  • My little big girl is still wearing size 6 month clothes! Although 9 month clothes do seem to fit best.
  • her hair is growing! YAY! It's a very light, golden brown color and she's got the cutest little curls! I was able to put in a little clip for the first time!
  • She has 8 teeth! (4 on top, 4 on bottom) and she's showing signs of more teething!
  • Right now she wakes up only once or twice a night! (huge improvement) and she actually sleeps better in her own crib, but her crib is still in our room.
  • She is starting to nap closer to the time her brother naps which is great for me!
  • Ella still loves all kinds of food! (Which is another reason why it's so odd that she hasn't gained much weight).
  • She is the best cuddler ever! (when she wants to be)
  • Ella also gives the greatest wide open mouth kisses.
  • She's climbing on everything - the couch, ottoman, even the table!
  • She's a very social girl and smiles at everyone.
  • She's always playing with cars and GI Joes. I did just buy her her first baby doll that she constantly kisses and takes everywhere with her.
  • She's a great dancer!
  • She waves and says "haa" (hi)
  • She says uh-oh, please, down, baby, mama, dada (of course she has her own version of saying these but I understand her)
  • Some other new words: "na-na" (banana) "by" (bite) "wahwah" (water)
  • Did I mention she's a screamer. She is loud, VERY loud!
  • She also throws the BIGGEST fits when she doesn't get her way. Chris and I are already dreading her teenage years! 
photo time!

Ella loves eating berries!

I think she was 9 months old in this picture

She is always throwing down my boxes and climbing into the shelf!

she climbs up on everything all by herself!

bed time stories with Daddy and Lincoln

She found daddy's dog tags

They're best buds!

Family Home Evening activity... I found crayon chunks in her poop! LOL

Loving the FHE brownies before bed!
My messy eaters after they're cute photo shoot

She loves bananas and our little friend Charlene from church

Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Shoot

I really wanted to get some professional pictures of Lincoln and Ella this year for their 1st and 2nd birthdays. These were taken at Government Island in Stafford, Virginia by my friend Dana. She did such an amazing job of capturing their silly personalities. There are too many great pictures to choose from, I can't decide! Chris and I even jumped in a few shot!
These are just a few of my favorites...
Click here to see the full gallery!
{ATTN Familia: Let me know which one(s) you want me to order for you!}

Visit Dana Bement Photography and let me know which ones are your favorites by clicking the "add to favorites" button over the picture.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Little Lady's 1st Birthday!

Our little cupcakes turned 1
Yesterday we celebrated Ella's birthday along with two other babies turning ONE. Little Gerard turned one on August 8th, Makai's birthday was August 9th, and my little Ella is one on August 15th. It was such a last minute combined party but it turned out so nice. It was a fun evening with our military family!

I had so much fun crafting for Ella's table!
Fallon did a great job on Geradrs table too!
She was so delicate and dainty with her cake...
...then she started really digging in!
There's Gerard enjoying his yummy cake!
and my Linc-a-dinc with his chocolate cupcake!
Happy 1st birthday to our beautiful Ella-Bella!
cuddles with Dana!
with our pretty Camille and Marie
Girl time with Kim, Addie, Kerri, Bella, and Dana!

Jon, Kim, and baby Addie

Click here to see some more of her special day!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

home sweet home {Riverside, CA - Riv. Plaza}

{home #2.5}

Riverside, California
(Riverside Plaza area)
((Staying with grandma and aunt Andi))

June - October 2011

After finding out i would be caring for 2 babies then moving across the country for Chris' military trining, we decided to move in with my mom for a few months. She helped us so much with the babies and we were able to save up so much while we were there.

this is the house I mostly grew up in so it was nice to be back in the heart of Riverside near all of my friends. This is were my little Lincoln learned to walk. It was in our daily routine to walk around the block and observe everything nature had to offer. He would stop and stair at all the ants and other insects. He'd stare so intently at the neighborhood dogs and bark back at them. We'd talk to the tree with the face (I'll post a pic of that). We had a lot of fun there and I just love the memories I have of my curiously growing Lincoln.

We had our pretty little Ella in August and I don't think I would have been able to survive without my mom there to help me. She would stay up ALL night with me and my crying newborn. Just having her by my side, supporting me through the night, was the best help. Then she would wake up bright and early to take care of my early riser, Lincoln, and let me sleep in. She helped me during my challenging time breast feeding and transitioning from being a mommy of one to two babies.

 Soon after, we would be moving to Virginia where I knew it would be just me and my babies while Chris was working hard training to be an officer in the Marine Corps.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

home sweet home {Riverside, CA - Jurupa}

{home #2}

Riverside, California
(Jurupa area)
May 2008 - June 2011

We moved into the house chris grew up in when his parents bought a new place. It was exciting to be living in a house together rather than a rule restricted apartment complex. We lived there for a few years and made so many of our own memories there. I still remember the roads I drove every single day going to school. I graduated from cosmo school while there and started my dream job at a hair stylist at the Carlton Hair Salon. 

Chris graduated from CBU and graduated from OCS. This was the home where we found out we were  called to live the military life. This is also the place we found out we would be parents for the first time! Our precious Lincoln joined us in 2010 and life couldn't be better. Parenthood was so much simpler with one baby to care for. I quit my job after having him, so it was just me and my little Lincoln all day together. 

We found out we would be adding another member to our family in August and that we'd all be flying to Virginia for Chris' TBS training.

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