Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life Lately

this week we...
the weather has been absolutely beautiful this week. it's starting to get chilly though so i think it's time for a new wardrobe! ...for the kids.
the kids and i met up with our friends, crystal & makai, el & vaughn, at the pumpkin patch. they love it there. lincoln gets so excited to be there. so excited, that there is always a tantrum on our way out.
i've been over loading chris on carbs for the CET. it's normal for the guys to lose about 3% of their body weight in that one day by doing the test. for chris that's about 5.5 pounds lost in only 10 hours! but it's OVER! ...or actually, it's just beginning. i couldn't be more proud of him. these next few months are going to be intense, but i have faith in him and i know that he is being watched over and protected. i love you, hubs!
my little ella-bella had a doctor appointment to check the progress on her weight gain -- she gained over a pound since last month, which apparently is great progress. yay ella! unfortunately they didn't check her iron levels because she's been sick and has an ear infection so now she's on antibiotics.
it's been a crazy week for me and i expect it to get crazier ...good luck, me...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Counting Down

i feel like i've been going through the stages of grief this whole week. can someone please bring me some junk food!?! i just want to lay on the couch with ben & jerry's in one hand and brownies in the other and do absolutely nothing. that is pretty much what i've been doing. the kids and i haven't even left the house this week. chris started IOC (infantry officers course) and he has the big CET (combat endurance test) tomorrow starting at 3am... THREE IN THE MORNING! and i expect him to come home some time after 9 pm. poor guy. i was really getting used to having him home all the time, and i didn't mind it at all. he helped me so much with the kids, in every way. and it was like ever day of the week was a weekend and he was always home for dinner! now he's going to be gone all the time. the beautiful thing about the marine corps, is that i'm in the dark all the time (he usually is too), so i'm not going to know when he'll be back from FEXes (field exercises), days? weeks? or what time he'll get home from work. should i leave dinner in the oven? i'm just scared. scared of taking care or the kids by myself; scared of falling behind on all the house work; scared of sleeping alone... i'm going to pull myself together and keep busy as much as possible...starting next week. and in the mean time, i'll be counting down the days until IOC is over.
little update on his feet: as most of you know, chris already completed the CET in the last class and went through 3 weeks of grueling infantry training before he finally got rolled to the next class. i say finally because the CET really tore up his feet, and pretty much every day after that was hike after run after ground fighting after hike! so his feet never got a chance to recover. there are no sick days in this training... if he were to say he needed some time to let his feet heal, then they would have dropped him from the course and reassigned him a completely new MOS, most likely one that no one would want. so he 'toughed it out' until someone noticed and got the okay to start up again in the next class. he's feet were destroyed! (i'll show you a nasty pic!). he literally could not walk on his feet for almost two weeks. poor chris had to crawl up the stairs. hahahahaha! (sorry, i shouldn't be laughing...). but we did a bunch of research, spent a lot more money, and worked really hard on repairing his feet. now they're good as new! i'll still be constantly praying for him.

good luck tomorrow mr. christopher! i love you!

here is an article about IOC in The New York Times ...and chris is in one of the pictures!
...told you it was bad. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life Lately

this week we... 

because i'm such a slacker (and because i take a ton of pictures of my kids), i thought i'd be a good idea for me to try and commit to writing a post once a week just about our week and to relieve my phone memory card of all the pics i've got. i have some friends that are so great at keeping up their family blog with cute, catchy titles and labels for everything. one of my friends posts her weekly friday phone favorites, with cute pictures and the peaks and pits of their week (and her kids are adorable). another friend of mine has a super cute blog and posts her thankful thursdays each week. it's so cool seeing what they've been up to (and getting some ideas, shhh). now i've got to come up with a cute, catchy title for my weekly updates... you don't even know how hard it's been for me to come up with something! it's ridiculous! so after a few weeks passing me by, and not posting, well because i don't have a cute title, i finally decided to just keep it simple and just state the obvious. i'll title mine weekly recap... then, i realized my dear friend does a weekend recap, back to the drawing board... (McKenzie! stop being so dang cute!) granted, i know my friends really wouldn't mind if i stole their idea a little. but i wanted to be original. another week past by, chris is fresh out of ideas for me, and i decided to just go with life lately. it's short and sweet and i can get away with doing it on any day of the week...perfect! then... one bored night, as i was wandering through blog land (which i rarely do) i came across another lds, mom of two, super cute, super hip blogger that does her regular post called life lately, according to my iphone pictures. well, i don't personally know her, so i'm sticking with my title too! ha ha ha. it really shouldn't be this difficult right?! anywho... hooray for my first of many life lately posts! (and hopefully there will be some improvement with each one)!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Year Five

Have we really been married for five years already!?
Let's see... since we got married, we've managed to live in four different places; I started and completed cosmetology school and worked as a hair stylist for a few years; Chris graduated from CBU and commissioned into the Marine Corps; and we brought two beautiful children into the world... not bad, right?
Thankfully, Chris was home during our anniversary this year so we were able to go out and celebrate a bit. (First off, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to our dear friends, Crystal and Marcus, for watching our little rascals. It's been so great meeting new people and developing life long friendships)! So, Chris and I drove out to DC and went kayaking in the Potomac River. (Man, what a workout)! After splashing around for a bit, and some serious racing, we changed in the car and headed down to a nice romantic, candlelit dinner. This french restaurant, Bistro Cacao, is such a memorable place to dine, I highly recommend it! It is so intimate, with dim lighting, curtains for privacy, and the most comfortable chairs. We whet our pallet with garlic sauteed escargot, I ate SNAILS, and it was actually really good. We ended our meal with vanilla, chocolate, and mango creme brulee, complements of the chef, (Ooh, I feel fancy)! Our server was french and I just loved how he addressed me as "mademoiselle" ...but that was about the only thing I understood from him.
I had a great time with my love and I'm so thankful we had this opportunity to spend some quality time together before he starts IOC (Infantry Officer's Course) and is constantly gone.
I love you honey bunny! 

Here's to five more years ...and then some!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the Latest on Lincoln {2 years}

Lincoln's 24 month well baby visit
height - 36.5" tall (95%)
weight - 26.5 pounds (40%)
Well, my Lincoln is long and lean. According to the doctor, he'll probably grow to be around 6 feet tall (I guess they just double their height at age 2 - we'll see just how accurate this is in about 19 years).
  • Lincoln is still in mostly size 18-24 mo clothes.
  • he just grew out of his size 7 shoes.
  • he hasn't been using a pacifier since May. (He used to call it "ta-ta" for some reason).
  • Still sleeping though the night! 
  • his 2 year molars just came in. 
  • He's a very social little guy. He always looks forward to going to nursery at church every Sunday and the nursery at the place I work out at so that he can "tay" (play).
  • He still loves animals so much! and right now his favorites are dinosaurs! (He always wants to watch the cartoon Dinosaur Train. He'll sing the opening song to me, "ah-twain...ah-twain...")
  • he says prayer with us and he always includes himself, "Ging-kin" (Lincoln) ha ha
  • Lincoln still loves music and he's added some new dance moves to the mix.
  • He has become a much better eater (still super picky, but better than it used to be!) His favorites usually include: chocolate sandwiches (a.k.a. Nutella on bread), yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, chicken (depending on how its prepared), broccoli, apples...keep in mind all of these are hit-or-miss, I guess it depends on his mood. but his all time favorite without a doubt is PIZZA! If he sees the box, he right away will start chanting "Pita! Pita! Pita!"
  • Lincoln is such a sweet big brother to Ella. He's always sharing with her or trading toys with her if he wants what she has.
  • He sings the ABC's but only repeating the letter 'A' and the way he counts "tooh, twee, nie, tah-teen" (two, three, nine, thirteen)
  • Right now we're learning colors and every color he sees is automatically yellow!
  • he learned how to climb in and out of his crib! and he is doing really well sleeping in his new toddler bed.
  • in stead of saying 'yes' or 'yeah' to things, he always says 'okay.' he'll ask for a banana in his own dialect and I'll confirm, "you want a banana?" and he'll reply "okay..."
  • He recently started calling Chris and I, Mom and Dad, he really is growing up way too fast!
 The absolute sweetest thing is when he tells us "ay yah yoo" translation: I love you.
I just found these pics of him taken back in April or May

his big scary smile!

he read the word shoe. He also recognizes the word zebra!

this is where he prefers to sit
...and like this
it was a long week without daddy

feeding himself yogurt
These are more recent pictures...

coloring for our FHE activity


helping out with the car

what a strong little guy

he learned how to climb in...

...and out of his crib!

big boy in his toddler bed!
he LOVES cars!

eating his favorite food...PIZZA!
someone grew out of their pj's. His feet are so big I had to cut them to fit! LOL
...and that is Mr.Bear! He sleeps with him ever night :)
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