Monday, May 20, 2013

home sweet home {Eastvale, CA}

...and a little 'life lately' update
{home #3.5}

Eastvale, California
(Staying with grandma and grandpa Seymore)
(...while Chris was at GIOC)

January - May 2013

some things we did to keep us busy:
  • walked around the beautiful neighborhood
  • walked to the park
  • tried out a UCR institute class
  • shopped around the Tyler Mall
  • went to Disneyland with Kristen, Amelie, and Lyndsy
  • went to the LA Zoo with Andi
  • had fun at our ward play dates
  • made ice cream with grandpa
  • spent lots of time at great-grandma's house
  • went to Utah
  • found out we were having baby #3
  • went to my cousin Roger's wedding


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

half way there

I am 20 weeks pregnant with baby #3! I can't believe I'm already half way through with this pregnancy...I think the time is going to fly from this point on. We plan on flying out to Virginia Beach in the next week or so. then there's moving in, unpacking, and once we're kind of settled in I plan on potty 'teaching' the kids. So I'll be quit busy. We'll be back in VA for maybe 5 months... we really have no clue yet. So where will I have the baby? I have no clue! yes, the perks of military life.
anyway, back to my pregnancy update... I just started feeling movement not long ago and it's still very subtle. that's because the placement of the placenta is towards the front right up against my abdominal which explains why it's hard for me to feel much and also why I experienced a lot of cramping. besides the constant back aches and sciatica pain, there's really nothing out of the ordinary I'm experiencing. I was EXTREMELY tired and nauseous the first trimester but things have gotten better.
as far as names go...I'm totally set on a name! the only thing is Chris thinks it sounds like a stripper name!! What!? no way does it sound anything like a stripper! but I have a few months to convince him to like it...and he will like it!
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