Wednesday, July 31, 2013

undies for our big boy

A month into moving in to our new apartment, we decided to start potty training Lincoln. Even better, he decided he wanted to use the toilet on his own. A few days prior, we all went to the store together and I decided to buy the kids their own fun underwear. I was a little hesitant to start especially since Chris works literally all day every day! But one Sunday after church Lincoln told me that he wanted to wear underwear... Ok then, we were on. And I knew the second I put on his undies there was no going back. No night time or nap time diapers, no pull-ups or trainers, just underwear from here on out. 

I am amazed at how easy it was to potty train him! Which makes me happy to know that he really was ready to be a "big boy" no more diapers for my little Lincoln. 

It was a bit frustrating at first, but I had already prepared myself for the worst. I didn't push him at all. I didn't time him every time he took a sip of something. I didn't sit him on the toilet forever waiting for something to happen. I just let him be. I wanted him to feel for himself and understand his what his body was telling him. 

Let me just say, I did a lot of laundry! He played all day in his undies and he'd pee his pants often. I cleaned up after him and reminded him to run to the toilet when he had that feeling to go and there was lots of praising for when he did go in the toilet. Fortunately, I knew exactly when he pooped so we didn't have any of those messes to clean. He wet his bed only a couple of times. I really don't know how many accidents he had and I didn't care to keep track of it...that would just discourage me and add more work for me. 

One day it just clicked for him! I remember it took exactly 7 days and he was completely potty trained! It didn't feel stressful for either of us and he has not had any accidents since then! He's great in public, he wakes up dry, and he goes all by himself! (He does usually inform us that he needs to go, and we just give him the ok and he runs off to the bathroom). 

All in all, I am so proud of my Linc-a-dink and the big boy he's become!

Friday, July 5, 2013

our 4th of july in Virginia Beach

I love living so close to the beach!! It is literally a 10 minute walk from our place (less if I didn't have this very pregnant waddle going on). So where else would we spend Independence Day but at the beach!
Come along with us and enjoy the VB we've come to love!
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