I'm starting this page in an attempt to remember all the cute and silly things my littles say...
{lincoln • ella ivy}

"I'm hungry for ice cream." -E4.5

In her cute little baby accent, Ivy said, "wanna see my trick?" She then put a cracker in her mouth and with it half chewed she proceeded, "isn't that amazing, guys!?" -I 2.5

Any time I call Ivy my baby she corrects me and says, "I noh baby. I Ivy." -I 2.5

While Chris and the kids were playfully wrestling, Ella threatened Chris in a devious voice, "Don't make me cuddle with you." -E4.5

Lincoln was trying to tell us something but Ella kept interrupting. Very frustrated, he shouted, "Ella! Do I have to put you in a pile of shut-up juice!" -L5.5

"This song came on in the car and Lincoln said, this song makes me think of grandma." -L5.5 ((Thank You For Everything You Do -Daniel Tiger))

"Newww pa-puh. Newww pa-puh..." Each time we change her diaper with a kind of monkey dance. (New diaper. New diaper) 
- I 2

While we were living in New England, "We should go to California and stay there forever." -L5.5

"My throat hurts like lava." Ella is so descriptive when explaining what she feels. -E4

Lincoln said he "doesn't want to go to the old, ugly house."
Ella calls it "our broken house." - L5.5 E4.5

When Lincoln grows up he wants to be a paleontologist and as we're reading books in the library he said that he wants to discover a new dinosaur and name it "golaphosis" -L5

Martin asked Ella, "Are you Mexican?" 
Puzzled, she replied, "No."
"Then what are you?"
With a duh attitude, "I'm a human." -E4

Yoko - Lincoln's Dino -5
Monkey-Dunkey : Ella's monkey -4
Baby Bear : Ivy's bear -2

"Mmmm. Suh gud." (So good) After taking a bite of anything -I2

Ivy is terrified of the idea of Santa coming into our house to drop off presents. On Christmas Eve we told the kids to go to bed so Santa could come. Ivy started quivering and told me, "I scared." She cried bc she didn't want to go to bed and ended up sleeping in my bed. That morning when L and E woke up saying "Santa came!" Ivy didn't want to leave the room to look at the gifts! - I 2

Lincoln was trying to cheer up Ella one day asked her, "what do you like Ella? Do you like jokes?" Then proceeded, "what do you call a witch what lives in the desert? [pause] A poop sandwich!" That made us all laugh -L5

After church Ella was playing around and Chris told her to pull down her dress bc "ladies don't show their underwear." She replied, "this lady does." E4

Ella got her feelings hurt and she quietly came to me and whispered, "mommy, my brain is crying." -E4

I was sick with a really bad cold/flu and had pizza and brownies delivery. Ella enjoining her meal said, "that man is a really good cook." referring to the delivery guy." -E4

Chris came home and rushed to change out of his business clothing. Ella was wandering around and told Chris, "you should close the door so that I don't see you naked." -E4

Chris to Ella, "how did you get so pretty?!" She replied, "because I have shiny hair."
another time she said, "because of my curls." -E4

After giving him a cookie "holy goodness!" -L5

"goo-way" (go away) -I 1.5

To me at the beach "you're so beautiful, I could simply eat you." -L5

"My legs are beeping a lot because its starting to grow a lot." -E4

"Don't tell me we're going to church!" -L4

expecting great things during our road trip across the country "Let's go to a hotel. I want a really, really big room." -E4

In Yellowstone nation forest while seeing the geysers erupt "wow. Jesus is awesome!" -L4

He tells everyone he meets, "do you know dinosaurs are real?!" - L4

I told L I don't think there is a Jurassic World in Boston, he replied, "I'm going to ask Jesus to make one." -L4 

"Today is a happy day! Every time is a happy day." -E3

"Maybe you should talk to Heavenly Father about having a baby boy." -L4

"I'm going to go to preschool so I'm coloring a lot for preschool." -E3

"I can be anything I want to be when I grow up - I want to be a Ninja Turtle Mother!" -E3

L has been wanting a baby brother to share a room with and he came in my room this morning and impatiently asked, "are you pregnant yet?"

Ella always wants her hair in a "down ponytail." -E3

After changing Ivy's diaper I handed it to her and ask her to throw it in the trash... She gives a discussed face and says "eh yucky" and refuses to touch it.  -I 1.5

Randomly comes up to me and hugs me and says, "I love you too much." -L4

"I'm going to cover. That's why I love you a lot." -L4

"I didn't know I was going to have a mom like you. I have you." 4L- while we're cuddling before bed. 

(There's a snack in my boot) 
if there was a bee in my boot it would bizz me on my toe [and I will cry] -E3

I told L, "I love you to the moon and back"
He replied, "I love you to the sun and back." -L 4

"Let's play 'hide the nipple!'" -L4
['hide the thimble']

We were all being silly and I told ella she's "coo-coo for cocoa-puffs." The kids just got quiet. Lincoln broke the silence by telling me, "that's not nice. we shouldn't say those things, mommy." -L3

"When Im a Marine can I go to work with daddy?" "when Im princess can I go to the ball with you?" -L 4 // E 3

I told ella this morning to put her pant legs down and she said "but I look absolutely beautiful like this."-E 3

"You know panda bears eat bamboos" -L 3

"Daddy, I want something to snuggle with." -E 3 (after Chris tucked her in, she called him back in and said ...)

"I was sorry I braked this" - ella 3 (holding up my lipstick)

Ivy is now terrified of flies bc she got stung by a bee :( - age 1

Eating shrimp stir fry  for dinner...lincoln is non stop talking about shrimp and says, "whales eat shrimp bc whales are huge, just like you mom." -L4

The kids were outside playing and ella got scared of an ant. Lincoln killed it then stood up very proud and said, "I told you I'm super man!" -age 4

"I can show love to my family by reading books with my sisters" 9-24-14

"I want freakin pizza" -L age 4

"You should get a new baby in your tummy" Ella age 3

I bought new pants for L "ummm.... No thank you. You can return it. " -L 4

while caressing Ivy's face, she lovingly tells her, "you're so beauliful, and cute, and prelly like me." -age 2

pointing to Chris' dog tags she says, "your necklace is so beauliful." -age 2

after I told Lincoln, "you're so cool." Ella jumped in and said, "and I'm so pretty." -age 2

the way they say water is "wa-gur" and "waggie" -age 2 1/2 & 1 1/2

Lincoln is a dinosaur most days so as we were getting ready for church, he was trying to take off his shirt and in a very sad voice said, "but dad, t-rex don't wear shirts."  and a different day when we putting on his shoes, again in a sad and disappointed tone said, "aw...but, dinosaurs don't have shoes." -age 2 1/2

they both say "swim-soup" when referring to their swimsuit. -age 1 1/2 & 2 1/2

as we're sitting in the car, Ella starts singing about random things she loves, "I love all the can-dy... I love T-V... I love pink-one... I love I-vy... I love Lincoln... I love mo-mmy... I love Chri-is... I love kissing..." then continued kissing the little monkey she was holding. -age 1 1/2

as we were walking into church, Lincoln picked up a stick that he found on the floor and said, "look! I have a stick like Moses." -age 2 1/2

with much excitement and persistence, Ella shouts, "look-it, Lincoln! look-it, Lincoln! look-it, Lincoln!" whenever she sees something interesting or exciting and doesn't stop saying it until someone acknowledges that they see it too. -age 1 1/2

day two of potty training, I was giving the kids a bath, Lincoln let out a little toot and he then said, "I pooped." I asked, "You pooped or passed-gas?" He replied, "I pooped a bubble." -age 2 1/2

on our first day of potty training, I praised Lincoln for going poop in the toilet. he proudly added, "I'm happy for myself." -age 2 1/2

I started a load of laundry and remembered I wanted to wash the shirt Lincoln had on, so I rushed over to take his shirt off and immediately threw it in the wash. Lincoln got very possessive of his shirt and demandingly said, "leave my shirt alone." -age 2 1/2

I was out to lunch with my sister and the kids. to prevent Lincoln from running around the restaurant, I had my arm around his stomach and right as the server walks by he shouts, "stop! you're choking me! you're choking me!" -age 2 1/2

these are the bits and pieces I catch when Lincoln is saying the prayer, "Heavenly Father, you love me so much... daddy home..." -age 2 1/2

I heard Ella breathing hard as if she was focusing really hard on something, then I realized she was taking of her clothes when she ran out from behind the couch shouting with excitement, "I na-naked! I na-naked!" while she rubbed her bare belly -age 1 1/2

I looked down at Lincoln and told him "I love you, Lincoln." he nodded in agreement and said "yeah, I love me." -age 2 1/2

one early morning after a sleepless night, I rolled out of bed with puffy eyes and messy hair, Lincoln looked at me and said "you so pretty mom." - age 2 1/2

when Lincoln gets hurt he comes up to me and says, "sana, sana, me mom." or "will you sana  me please?" so that I can rub it all better while saying "sana, sana, colita de rana..." (a Spanish saying). and if I ever get hurt, he says it to me and rubs it all better too. -age 2 1/2

any time I say "ouch" ella always checks up on me and asks, "yoo kay, mommy?" (are you okay, mommy?) and if I sneeze she never fails to say, "bess yoo, mommy." (bless you, mommy) -age 1 1/2

when we're listen to music in the car Lincoln always requests, "muh, muh, muh, muh, ma, ma. mom!" meaning he wants my to play the song Madness by Muse. and when it's coincidentally on the radio he refers to it as his song. -age 2 1/2

Lincoln was asked how old he was, he first pointed to ella and said, "ella's 1, I'm 2, and mommy's 3." -age 2 1/2

ella loves climbing onto the coffee table and counting down to jump onto us. she stands up on the edge, puts her hands near her face, and wiggles her fingers as if she's counting while she repeatedly counts, "too, neh-min, too, neh-min... " (she's saying either 2, 7 or 2, 11...who really knows) -age 1 1/2

when asked what animals he wanted to see at the zoo he responded, "dinosaurs!" -age 21/2

after eating a messy snack, she pointed to her face with a disgusted look and said, "I yucky!" -age 11/2

"the daddy on the bus goes, 'hoo-ooh-raw. hoo-ooh-raw. hoo-ooh-raw..." Lincoln added a new verse to the song The Wheels on the bus. -age 2 1/2

"I hug you." when ever she wants to be held and if you don't pick her up right away she demands, "i hug you!" -age 1 1/2

as i'm combing lincoln's hair for church I say, "you look so handsome!" "you handsome too mommy." "thank you." -age 2 1/2

to keep the kids entertained while driving cross country, i gave the kids a coloring book and markers when we turned to check on them Lincoln said, "i color ella!" and sure enough ella's face was covered in marker. -age 2

i walk into the kitchen and notice there is olive oil spilled all over the floor. lincoln is knelt down on the floor and i gasped. he looked up at me and said, "it fall, mommy. i clean it." he had a rag in his hands and was already attempting to clean up his mess. -age 2

i say to ella, "i love you" and in the sweetest voice, "ah yoo, toow" (i love you too). -age 1

instead of simply answering "yes" to something, he always responds, "yeah, yeah. sure, sure."  or "okay. alright." -age 2

when counting I start, "one..." "too. twee. foh. sic. seben. niegh. tah-teen..." (2,3,4,6,7,9,13) -age 2

pointing to a scratch on ella's face, "ewa stripe on face." (ella has a stripe  on her face) -age 2

"dop! dop!" (stop! stop!) in a very demanding voice when ever i'm doing something she doesn't like. i.e. cleaning her face, wiping her nose... -age 1

as we're sitting at the dinner table, Lincoln randomly says, "hi mommy. i like you." -age 2

"time out! ewa!" when ever Ella is doing something he knows he shouldn't do -age 2

walking up to me and chris while we're on the couch "hey! what gowin' on hee-ah?!" (hey! what's going on here?!) -age 2

"dis cwazy, man!" (this is crazy, man) when he's rockin' out to music in the car -age 2

"tang-quoo much" (thank you very much) -age 2

"beh beh" in a whiny voice when she wants her baby -age 1

"ah yah yoo too." (i love you too) even if he is the first one to say it -age 2

"ah kee yoo!" (i'll kill you) too much war play with daddy -age 2

"aye, aye, aye..." when things aren't going his way -age 2

"yoo kay, yoo wite?" (are you okay, are you alright?) usually to ella when she's crying -age 2

"doh cry, nana." (don't cry, ella) as he pats her back -age 2

whenever he plays phone, he always says "hewo. yeah. [fake laughter]. kay. bye." -age 2

"haaaii" (hi) with a cute little wave -age 1

"tooh, twee, nie, tah-teen" (two, three, nine, thirteen) his way of counting -age 11/2

"ging-kin" and "na-na" his way of saying lincoln and ella -age 11/2

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