As if my kids don't keep me busy enough, i've been having fun with random crafts from decorating my house, to baking fun treats for my kids, to hopefully developing some new sewing skills. i got some of these ideas off of pinterest (of course...), youtube, friends, and others i just improvised. most of these crafts are pretty self explanitory, but i'll add the link that i used. hopefully these pictures will get your creative wheels turning and inspire you to make some of them your own. enjoy!

love letter collage

burlap storage boxes

cupcake stand

framed burlap monogram

candle holder

decorative wood monogram
growth chart

ella's 1st birthday cake

lincoln's dino cake

fossil cupcakes

Link's banner
gum paste flower cupcakes
coffee filter pom pom
rose balls
kids birth info sub art

still working on this page ;)
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